Friday, June 24, 2011

For the Love of Christ!

Over the last few weeks, God has been dealing with tremendously on growing my relationship with him and being obedient to his calling. So, here i am now writing in a blog (definately not something i would do on my own) to share the love of God with others!
I have heard God talking to me and sending me "signs" over the last week to step-up in order to grow my relationship with him. My friend and I have been teaching a Young-Adult (ages 18-23) class on Wednesday nights at our church to try to prepare them for the "Big" church. I was a little older when i started following Christ, but i understand that coming from the Youth that it is quite a big change to being in the Sanctuary all the time. So, we decided that this class would help them to be better prepared to receive everything that God had planned for them. It has not been easy every week. There have been times of discouragement and wanting to just "give up". But then i remember that God never gave up on me. This past week, we explained to them that it was time to get serious and start being devoted to serving him and doing what he is calling us to do. As we were discussing this with the class, God spoke to me and told me that i had to step-up and be the leader that he has called me to be and to be obedient to what he has asked me to do.
I have felt God calling me to share my testimony. I was a little weary about it and battling back and forth whether it was from God or not. Well in the same week, i heard a song "Cry out to Jesus" that our drama group performed a skit to a few years ago. The skit was "Cardboard Testimony". That was the first "sign" that it was God speaking to me. The same night, i turned on my computer to find a blog from a friend titled "The importance of your Story". By this time, i knew that it was definately God speaking to me and asking me to do this. I then asked a few close friends to be in prayer for me to prepare for sharing my "story". I have decided to share my story with our Wednesday night young adult class. I have felt a little nervous, but i know that God will be with me and will comfort me during that time! All of this if for the Love of Christ who has blessed me more than i ever deserved!



  1. WOW! I am very proud of you! As tears fill my eyes and I am praising God for the growth He is doing in you! I love you sista!!

  2. This is awesome, Becca! Love you! And welcome to the blogging world!