Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh me, Oh my!!!

Well, it have been quite sometime since I have blogged last. Just let me be honest with you, I haven't blogged because (first of all) I haven't taken the time to focus and sharing what God has been doing and teaching me in my life, and (2nd of all) I have felt a little jealous of others writings and felt that I couldn't measure up to their post, blogs, writings, etc. so it would be of no use for me to even blog or write! That is just a confession of mine that I had to make to a dear sister and friend of mine yesterday and felt the need to confess to you as well! I am a Christian girl and I strive and desire to be as much like Christ as possible, but I am still human and have faults and failures! This is one of my BIG struggles! Feeling like I don't measure up with others and that I am "lower" than others. I know that according to God, this is not true. We are all the same according to him no matter what or where we are in our life or our walk with him. I found this verse as I was searching for answers from God!
Romans 2:11-"For one man is not different from another before God"
As humans, and even christians, there are going to be those people that treat you differently or make you feel "lower" than they are, but it doesn't matter how they treat you or how they make you feel.  The only one that we are to please and worry about is God! He tells up in scripture that no man is different than the other and he shows no favoritism! So, I have learned (just in the last day or so) just let those that do be held accountable for their actions, and for me to continue to love (no matter how i'm treated or feel) as Jesus loves'.

Well, just as I was feeling this way yesterday I get to work this morning to open up my e-mail and receive an e-mail from a fellow blogger that reminded me so much of myself! Please jump over and read Lessons from a Frog! This blog (every time she blogs) makes me feel like I am living inside of her. I am so thankful for how God uses her in my life. Isn't it just funny how God uses people that you have never even met or even know to minister to you and speak directly to you??? This blog was actually about not feeling loved by people. This blog is exactly how I feel. You (or anyone) can ask me why I feel like this, but I wouldn't really be able to tell you. I have friends, family, and co-workers that I know love me dearly. But still all the time I feel that I am not love by my friends, husband, it even goes down to me feeling like my daughter doesn't love me at times. Crazy I know. I know that God loves me and that is the only one that I should worry about, but I don't. I always worry about everyone else and if they love me or what they think of me. I feel like I need to measure up to them or be able to do and say the things that they do. I shouldn't feel like this because we are all uniqely made by Christ according to his will for our life. And my key verse that I cling to so much is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and future" This one verse sums it all up and we can refer to this verse with anything we are going through. God knows the plan that he has for my life, and I know that his plan is for me to just be me and not who I think I should be according to everyone else. I know God loves me just as I am. He doesn't care how i look, write, speak, etc. He doesn't care that i'm short, he doesn't care that my hair may not be perfect, he doesn't care that my teeth may not be perfect, he doesn't care about any of it. All he cares about is our love and faith in him and our walk with him. He wants us just like we are! This is a major concept that I have to grasp and take hold of. This is a major struggle of this christian girl that God is leading me through and teaching me a lot about right now! I may not like it while I am going through it, but I praise God and thank him for the lessons that we learn through the things that we go through!

Here are a few videos to remind us of God's love for us! Please watch and be encouraged!

So, if you are having these same struggles, just remember that you are not alone and God is always with us and he loves us just as we are.

Pushing to conquer this struggle!

Love your sister in Christ,


  1. Amen! Leave it all behind and strive to be all you can be in Him! God uses our weaknesses to make us stronger in Him! Great word! Love you!

  2. You are so sweet to link to my post. And I SOOOOOOO understand not writing because you compare yourself with others. I have fallen into that trap, the comparison one, too many times to count! I still have to be on guard out here in the bloggy world. It is so easy to look at others and wish we could write like them or have a ministry like them. It is so easy to forget we are each one UNIQUE and perfectly designed creations of the Lord. :)

    So let me encourage you to keep on writing! :) Oh...and if you haven't read the post in my sidebar called "Bird Brain", check it out. It is VERY much about the comparison struggle, and how God encouraged me to keep writing. :)

    Blessings to you, sweet Rebecca! So glad the Lord lets each of us know we are not alone. :)