Friday, July 1, 2011

Knowing God Speaks!!!!

                                                Job 33:14
      For God speaks again and again,though people do not recognize it.

This verse speaks so much to me. I, for a long time, did not recognize the voice of God.  I have come to realize that God speaks through people, things, and circumstances to us.

We have 2 ladies that teach our Sunday School class. They rotate every month. 1 teaches one month and then the other teaches the next month. The one that is supposed to be speaking this month is going out of town for the weekend to visit family. So, in this case, the other one would normally take on the lesson. But, she is also out of town working for a few weeks. I say all of this to say that I was asked yesterday if I could teach being that both ladies were gonna be out of town this Sunday. I thought for a little while, (this is definately still out of my comfort zone)  and spoke with my husband about our plans for the weekend. We were planning on going to the river Saturday and staying until Monday for the 4th of July. But i felt that God was really giving me an opportunity that i shouldn't turn down. So we decided that I would just drive home from the river (which is only about 45 min) Sunday morning to teach Sunday School and then just drive back after church.

Well, as i opened up my Sunday School book this morning to look at the lesson for the week, the title is "Selfless"!  It says freedom in Christ leaves no room for Selfishness. I knew as soon as i read this title that this was definately God speaking to me and i was supposed to be teaching this lesson this week to help myself learn from it. If you have read any of my earlier blogs, one of them was about how God has been dealing with me on some selfishness and jealousy issues. God is always on time and knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

I am so amazed at how much God has been speaking clearly to me over the last few weeks and how much i have realized that he is trying to grow me and strengthen my relationship with him! I encourage you to please be open to receive what God is speaking to you about and be willing to do whatever it is that he may be leading you to do for him and his glory!

Love in Christ,


  1. Awesome is all I can say, Becca! Love you so much and am SO excited to see Him moving so powerfully! I was actually tempted to just ask another S.S. class to take our class in...assuming we wouldn't have many in class anyway! So thankful I listened to the Lord instead! Love you!!!!

  2. AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for being obedient and stepping out in faith to serve Him! You are right...God speaks to us continuously and He is always on time in sharing a lesson with us; we just have to be listening. Great blog and thank you for sharing! Love you!